How to study Engineering in Tamilnadu and get a dream job?

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Do you need to know, how to ace the campus interview and get the job of your dreams?

Do you need to know how to reach beyond your potential?

Do you need the right guidance for engineering admission?

You are at the right place.

Every year about 1.5 Million students choose to become an Engineer. Engineering admission is one of the hottest topics of discussion in almost every household in India.

The decision to approach engineering education with the right mindset will become the single best decision you would have taken, ever.

The right approach alone will make the Engineering education, the best investment for yourself and your family.

With sufficient effort, anyone can reach their potential and become successful. With technological improvement where you study has almost become irrelevant. Any person with skill can compete against anyone fair and square.

Check how Viswas Tripathi got job in Google studying from third tier engineering college.

With the right effort and attitude, engineering skills would place you among the most intelligent people in the world. Yes, you can become world class.

At the end of the post, you will be knowing the answers to almost all of your questions.

You would also get some bonus insights on the following:

  • the right mindset.
  • skills needed to make an impact in interviews, and career and
  • Where to get the right assistance if needed.

Fundamental Questions to get more clarity:

You need to ask yourself some fundamental questions to make some right decisions and prepare your mind, for the right approach in getting an engineering education.

  • Why should you study Engineering?
  • What is Engineering?
  • What do Engineers Do?
  • What will you learn in an Engineering College?
  • What are the branches in Engineering?
  • What standards are expected from Engineering Graduates?
  • What is the most important skill-set for an Engineer?
  • How to select the right institute for your branch?
  • How do I get placed in Campus Placements?
  • How can I equip myself with the right mindset and necessary skills?

Questions like the above are in the minds of students coming out of school and their parents alike. Here, we will guide you in getting the right answers to your questions.

Why Engineering?

An Engineering Degree is considered as one of the surest way to quickly earn a decent salary and make a comfortable lifestyle in a country like India.

Indians are establishing themselves as the leaders in technology and is always in the news for one good reason or the other. The good news is almost all of them are engineers!

The opportunity for Engineering sector in India is very promising: India’s engineering exports likely to reach $62 billion as in the year 2017.

Career Prospects of an Engineering Graduate:

There are plenty of job opportunities for an engineering graduate in public sector as well as private sector in India. Priority consideration are often provided to Engineering graduates.

An Engineering graduate may start as an employee and can go on to become a C – level executive in an organization after acquiring relevant managerial and administrative skills.

Many bright candidates also venture into the entrepreneurial world and making it big.

What is Engineering?

In Merriam Webster Dictionary, “Engineering” is “The application of science and mathematics by which the properties of matter and the sources of energy in nature are made useful to people”

Engineering” according to Oxford Dictionary, is

“The branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.”

“Making resources useful to people” – this is how Engineering made a humble beginning and “Design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures” – this is how Engineering is deployed in recent times.

You would have already noted that the purpose has never changed, however, there is a characteristic addition in the purpose of modern engineering; “Making resources useful to people in the most optimal way”.

What do Engineers do?

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, an Engineer is “A person who has scientific training and who designs and builds complicated products, machines, systems, or structures: a person who specializes in a branch of engineering”

In Oxford Dictionary, an Engineer is “A person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or structures”.

What will you learn in an Engineering College?

Engineering educational institutes in India are often affiliated to an University which determines the Syllabus, sets the question paper and grade the answer sheets.

Engineering colleges are responsible for conducting theory classes as well as laboratory classes conforming to the syllabus and guidelines set by the university.

Examinations are conducted at the end of every semester in essay type format, using pen and paper method.

The real learning however takes place outside of the college environment in real life applications.

It takes 10 years of learning to master the fundamentals of engineering.

What are the different branches in Engineering?

There are several branches in the Engineering stream under Anna university. Most autonomous and affiliated colleges offer courses that are popular.

Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology and Civil Engineering are available in almost all colleges. There are also several unconventional courses available.

Trends in Engineering Sector:

High-end technology jobs like Data Science, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Software as a Service (SaaS) are trending in Engineering Sector.

Jobs that require relatively low-end technology but always in demand are Marketing, Sales, Management, and Administration.

What are the ‘Standards’ of expectation from Engineering Graduates?

Engineering is a skill based study. For any skill based study, the knowledge of standards set and followed by the industry is highly necessary.

The Government of India has come up with a set of standards called as the Qualifying Packs and National Occupational Standards for various professions. They are an excellent guideline for equipping yourself and being appropriately skilled for the relevant industry.

What is the essential skill set for an Engineer?

Engineering is an acquired art. Mastering any art requires at least 10,000 hours of disciplined practice and the same applies here.

All the technical know how, skills like communication, critical & logical thinking, empathy, team playing, team building, prioritization, discipline and resilience has to be acquired by the individual.

Good Software engineers often acknowledge that gaining expertise in Managerial and Administrative skills have always helped them produce Codes of better quality.

Following National Occupational Standards is a good idea and will lead you in the right direction.

It is widely considered that an engineer is as good as his  habits and communication.

Therefore studying the right mindset and following the habits of successful people like Mr. Sundar Pichai, Mr. Satya Nadella always helps in developing our personal competence.

How to select the right institute for my branch?

This is one of the most important and toughest questions in the minds of the candidate.

It depends on several factors like financial condition of the family, mentoring support available, campus placements at the institution and interest of the student.

Becoming a good engineer is more like a long term journey. The foundation of that long and fulfilling journey is laid in a good engineering institute. Therefore a good institute attracts talented students in large numbers.

There are several branches of Anna University, Private Deemed to be Universities, Autonomous Colleges and Affiliated Colleges in Tamilnadu.

Anna university situated in Chennai, looks after the entire Engineering education administration in Tamilnadu.

Anna university and all of its branches situated all over Tamilnadu along with Government Colleges, rank among the top tier.

Autonomous colleges like PSG – Coimbatore, Kongu College – Erode comes next, then comes affiliated colleges in the ranking hierarchy.

Autonomous colleges are granted permission to grade their own students because of their proven track record. They attract competitive students for the same reason.

Click here to download the list of Engineering Colleges in Trichy. It has details like College Code, Address, Bus Route, respective distance from Central Bus Stand etc.

How do I get Campus Placement?

The initial stages of selection requires clearing preliminary rounds, Group Discussion, Psychometric Interviews, Technical Interviews and HR Interviews.

Some institutes have an in-house Training and Placement department. Their primary job is to ensure 100% placement.

An effective Training and Placement department provides ample opportunities for personality development, pre-placement coaching, organises on-campus and off-campus placement drives, assist in follow up after getting the offer letters and other essential support activities.

Make full use of the Placement department’s guidance. They can help you more than what you can think.

Everything rests with your hunger for growth.

Participate in a lot of voluntary activities.  Voluntary activities like organising tournaments, creative clubs, debates, public speaking can help you gain immense people management skills.

Being in a sports team and instrumental in making the team win, being in the organising team of events and leading a small group of volunteers appear impressive in your resume.

The students who interact with the placement and training team has a good chance of understanding the expectations from the interview panel. A good Training and Placement team can also provide suitable career guidance.

Skills that make you immediately employable:

Engineering graduates require some skills in addition to those learned in their Engineering stream. They can be categorised into Hard Skills and Soft Skills.

Some of the skills that make you immediately employable are good knowledge in Algorithms and Data Structures, Practical troubleshooting level C, C++, Java, Python Programming.

Professional communication skills, negotiation level Business English, Ms Office package, Project Management, and other relevant technical skills.

I would suggest to master Selling, Driving, and Cooking Skills too.

These three skills can make you influential, independent and set you apart in interviews. These skills alone can help you earn quick promotions in the job and would become your best friend.

How can I equip myself with the right mindset and necessary Skills?

Have a keystone habit.

A keystone habit intentionally or unintentionally triggers other habits in the lives of people. A keystone habit is one which you don’t compromise for any other.

Keystone habits could be playing your favourite sport, doing yoga, meditation, writing, theatre, building hobby projects etc.

Having a keystone habit will become your trump card for your right mindset!!!

Are there any companies that can assist me or train me with the right skill-set and right guidance for placements?

Yes. There are several companies available that can assist you, guide you in getting placed in companies. Some of them are NIIT, Senelda, Elysium academy, Focus Academy, Targetsoft, Fu-vision, IIHT, Smart Training Resources India Pvt. Ltd., etc. You need to verify the suitability for your requirements.

In a Nutshell:

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Work Consistently“

So the right mindset would be staying hungry, staying foolish and working consistently. Many people with rags to riches story are often with this mindset.

Click here to download the list of Engineering Colleges in Trichy. It has details like College Code, Address, Bus Route, respective distance from Central Bus Stand.

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