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Sri Saraswati Cafe is one of the landmark places in Trichy, situated near Tiruchirapalli Railway Junction, on Rockins Road. You can see the hotel while travelling between Trichy Central Bus stand and Trichy Railway Junction.

Delicious South Indian food is offered here at a reasonable price in a nice ambience.

The business starts early in the day and closes at 10 in the evening. They have an exclusive outlet nearby serving delicious snacks, savouries and hot beverages.

They also have a lodging facility above the restaurant – Sri Saraswathi Lodge.

Poorviga Mayil mark mittai kadai a legendary snacks and savoury shop is situated nearby.

Vegetarian Hotels nearby Sri Saraswathi Cafe which I like:

  • Hotel Sri Sangeethas.
  • Hotel Guru.
  • Hotel Sri Ganesh Bhavan.
  • Hotel Shanthi Cafe.

Non – Vegetarian Hotels nearby
Sri Saraswathi Cafe which I like:

  • Hotel Victorya.
  • Hotel Buhari.
  • Hotel Kanchana Kari Virunthu.
  • Guru Mess.

Several decent and comfortable hotels and lodges are available nearby.

Hotels and Lodges nearby Sri Saraswathi Cafe, Trichy:

  • Chendoor Residency.
  • Hotel Blossoms.
  • Hotel Red Fox.
  • Hotel Ramyas.
  • Hotel Femina.
  • Hotel Raja.
  • Hotel Sarada.
  • Hotel Arun.
  • Breeze Residency.
  • PLA Krishna Residency.
  • PLA Ratna Residency.
Kindly visit Trichy and experience its rich culture.

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