The Power of Charting your Progress

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When we want to improve ourselves, the first thing that we do is to buy a good self-help book. Sometimes we buy and read a lot of self-help books. Still, you may have questions about whether you are really changing or not. Right?

You may read a lot of self-help books, you may implement them, but when it comes to impact, you don’t know whether the change is giving you the intended effect. Right?

In that case, you need feedback. Getting the right feedback immediately is the fastest way to improve yourself.

When you don’t know when to get the right feedback, a reflection tool would help you.

Some people would suggest writing a journal. But you are overwhelmed with so many things to improve and find journalling exhaustive.

In that case, try following an emotional chart for the things you need to improve.

Here I have presented to you a chart which follows an emotional weighted scale for Assertiveness and Communication Skills.

If you are happy with your Assertivess or Communication skills give a 10. If you are not happy give a 1.

The scales are designed such that 1,2,3,4 represents “Need to Improve” 5,6,7 represents “Good” and 8,9,10 represents “Excellent”.

When you also record why and how things happened to you, it would be a great reflection tool.

Marking your specific area of improvement against this criteria will give you a good measure of your progress.

However, the scales are dynamic in nature.

The values you have used for the past week will not be the same for this week.

Because either you would have outgrown them, or you would have encountered a new challenge.

Anyway seeing your progress in your own eyes will give you much-needed motivation.

One such chart, I have developed is for your view. This is just a model, therefore the values used are indicatory only.

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