Self Love

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Self-Love is an important concept I learned Today.

People with self-love take good care of themselves.

People with self-love respect themselves.

Hurt People, Hurt People.

People who are, hurt themselves, hurt others.

When people don’t heal, they bleed on people who care for them.

So, do the thing, which nourishes your soul.

Heal your past wounds as early as possible.

Love your dear ones the way you want to be treated in their place.

I know it is hard. Really hard.

That’s where the Power of Now comes.

Be in the Presence. Neither in the Past nor in the Future. In the Now.

It takes a lot. So what? The benefit is more than worth it.

We are spiritual beings on a human journey. God is trying to teach us what we need to learn. When we don’t learn, the same things will only repeat. Together we can gain strength.

Thanks to my spiritual guru.

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