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I decided to share this testimonial since I felt that this will concrete your belief that you have found the correct guide.

What exactly happened?

Was highly stressed due to work and relationship issues. This led to acute depression with psychotic episodes for a short term.


Was administered few medicines in Pschiatry along with lifestyle changes and I recovered 95% within 3 to 4 months.


Well, it was definitely not a cakewalk. The treatment helped a lot but what exactly helped me through is the counselling/guidance given to me by an able person.

It consisted of identifying key areas of improvement and most importantly not to over-stress in this process.

Some of the findings:

Being a Perfectionist

Type of person who wants every single thing to go as per plan and nothing shall fall apart. This was addressed by inculcating a Plan B approach.

Simply, if something goes wrong, just focus on what’s next, than why this? Categorize actions into immediate actions which must always focus on preventing a disaster situation, actual action and finally how to avoid the situation in future.

Expect perfection, but don’t hate or fear imperfections.

Imagine a family get together where everything goes streamlined as per plan and the other case where there is complete chaos. Yet, you restore normalcy intelligently and ultimately achieved excellence. I would say the second case will be spicier!!! 

Being too much Empathetic

Empathy defines human nature. There is no doubt about that but when you shower too much of love or anger or even hatred over someone, you tend to get carried away by the emotion and act insane or even get influenced by others’ emotional state.

Moderation is the key. Sometimes you need to be selfish to preserve your emotional balance. Remember you will receive hate from at least one person close to you, well this is a good sign of you moving towards the change intended.

Please keep in mind that a tortoise cannot move like a tiger. Things get done in their own pace and hence instead of heating up the RAM, learn to prioritize things and sometimes a couple of refreshes (F5) can make the system faster!!!

Affinity towards negativity

I wouldn’t say that I was a negative thinker, but I was not a positive thinker either. Develop positivity by doing a hobby. I preferred to get a percussion drum, practiced it, performed and got an applause.

Though I had a sense of rhythm in me by birth, its a no lie that your friends applaud you even if you play it like hell. I am just trying to emphasize that a support system is always vital. Make sure you treat those people really good. Go gift them something !!!

Overthinking leads to negative thoughts. Futuristic and ‘what next’ thinking leads to positive thoughts. We don’t have time to overthink. I believe life is too short to overthink.

Other Changes:

  1. Regularity in daily chores.
  2. Talking to friends with charm, though you feel low.
  3. Maintaining your cool at all possible times.
  4. Doing some meditation.
  5. Sad / low days are acceptable, but not always.
  6. Understanding that mood swings are completely normal.
  7. You will get to see that you move towards thinking by the mind and not through emotions.
  8. Believe me, you will inspire many.

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