About Us

There are plenty of job seekers in India. It is also no denying fact that there are plenty of job vacancies. The Corporates know the pain of the existence of a huge skill gap in job seekers and the standard of expectations the job demands.

Our graduates are second to none in technical skills. Where they lack is in the soft skills area.

Whenever the job seekers are willing to take the training, the fees would be out of reach of an average family. Whenever the job seekers are ready with the finances the best trainer would be out of reach.

In case the job seeker takes a training, there is no guarantee the training is on par with the industry standard.

In case the training is on par with the industry standards, the job seeker doesn’t know whether he is fit for the industry or not, until they are validated by Industry personnel.

MMZi was born to address this issue proactively and find a solution.

The idea is to link the Job seekers, Trainers and Corporates in a single platform.