My Journey in Overcoming Self Love Deficit condition

Reading Time: 2 minutes.Recently I found that I have Self Love Deficit disorder or popularly called as Co-dependency. It is not always good neither it is not always bad. But having inadequate self-love is always a matter of concern. Most of adult life problems are directly related to this. Once adequate self-love is gained, the […]

Blog Posts in Pipeline.

Reading Time: 1 minutes. Beliefs – Campus to Corporate Program. Identity – Campus to Corporate Program. Values – Campus to Corporate Program. SMART Goals – Campus to Corporate Program. Resume Writing – Campus to Corporate Program – 65% Completed. Covering Letter Writing – Campus to Corporate Program. Interview Preparation – Campus to Corporate Program – […]

Alphia Anita – International NLP Practitioner & Communication Skills Specialist.

Reading Time: 1 minutes.About her: A Passionate Communication & Soft Skill Trainer with 22 years of Teaching & Training experience. Alphia feels proud to be identified as a continuous learner, providing Training to Teachers, School students, College students, Corporate employees and Business builders in various domains. What She Does? The Catalyst Schools is her 5+ year old […]

About Me – Ragesh. R

Reading Time: 4 minutes.Who am I as a Person I am a Personal Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and Soft Skills Trainer. I am the founder of the Company Mymentorzing Global Mentoring Pvt. Ltd. This company was founded to provide coaching and training services to young men and women to find their strengths and increase their earning […]

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