My Experience

Reading Time: 4 minutes.I decided to share this testimonial since I felt that this will concrete your belief that you have found the correct guide. What exactly happened? Was highly stressed due to work and relationship issues. This led to acute depression with psychotic episodes for a short term. Treatment Was administered few medicines in […]

My Journey in Overcoming Self Love Deficit condition

Reading Time: 2 minutes.Recently I found that I have Self Love Deficit disorder or popularly called as Co-dependency. It is not always good neither it is not always bad. But having inadequate self-love is always a matter of concern. Most of adult life problems are directly related to this. Once adequate self-love is gained, the […]

Self Love

Reading Time: 1 minutes.Self-Love is an important concept I learned Today. People with self-love take good care of themselves. People with self-love respect themselves. Hurt People, Hurt People. People who are, hurt themselves, hurt others. When people don’t heal, they bleed on people who care for them. So, do the thing, which nourishes your soul. […]

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