Self Love

Reading Time: 1 minutes.Self-Love is an important concept I learned Today. People with self-love take good care of themselves. People with self-love respect themselves. Hurt People, Hurt People. People who are, hurt themselves, hurt others. When people don’t heal, they bleed on people who care for them. So, do the thing, which nourishes your soul. […]

The Power of Charting your Progress

Reading Time: 2 minutes.When we want to improve ourselves, the first thing that we do is to buy a good self-help book. Sometimes we buy and read a lot of self-help books. Still, you may have questions about whether you are really changing or not. Right? You may read a lot of self-help books, you […]

Blog Posts in Pipeline.

Reading Time: 1 minutes. Beliefs – Campus to Corporate Program. Identity – Campus to Corporate Program. Values – Campus to Corporate Program. SMART Goals – Campus to Corporate Program. Resume Writing – Campus to Corporate Program – 65% Completed. Covering Letter Writing – Campus to Corporate Program. Interview Preparation – Campus to Corporate Program – […]

Campus to Corporate Program

Reading Time: 11 minutes.Most of us would have faced this kind of situation. When you are in your senior year of college, you would be subjected to several questions by those around you. Where are you working? Are you having a job? What is your salary? You know what? That boy’s salary is more. This […]

Pathanjali Silks

Reading Time: 1 minutes.Pathanjali Silks is a textile showroom, situated in No-106, Bharathiar Salai, Melapudur, Cantonment, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620001. It is on the way to Head Post office from Tiruchirapalli Railway Junction nearby Head Post Office and Jenny Plaza. The outlet is spacious, containing good quality dress materials for kids, men and women of […]